Why Own

Stress-free and affordable way to get away from it all
at a moment's notice. 

Owning one of our luxury holiday homes, whether a caravan or lodge, is an easy, affordable way to get away from it all. 
Set in spectacular areas of natural beauty, we offer you the opportunity to buy or rent a holiday home in a quiet and restful setting.

Largo Leisure is now one of the leading innovators within the small park sector in Scotland and offers four idyllic parks set within the prime location of Fife and the Highlands.

Each park with their own unique characteristics, offer the discerning customer a varied choice of holiday accommodation to rent and own.

Our philosophy continues to evolve around meeting the needs of our customers; a simple concept centered on providing a wide selection of quality holiday homes at affordable prices.

We are a well-established company that's committed to offering a high standard of customer care.

Our policy of maintaining our parks to a high standard throughout the year will ensure you get the most out of your holiday home, whilst our security arrangements will give you peace of mind that it is in good hands - whether you are on the park or not.


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