Our Park Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi service is provided by Leisure Connect in partnership with EE and is chargeable by data

To access the Wifi service use your device and search for Wi-Fi networks looking for SAUCHOPE WIFI

If you then connect to this network and follow the on-screen prompts to connect and choosing your data plan and setting up an account accordingly.

Please note you can only use your data allowance on the device used to set up the plan and not on multiple devices.

Wi-Fi Tariff

1GB = £3 (To use within 3 days)
3 GB = £8 (To use within 3 days)
5 GB = £12 (To use within 7 days)
10GB = £19.50 (To use within 2 months)

FAQ and Data Usage

Why don't we offer Wi-Fi for Free? 

We would love to offer the Wi-fi for free but we are off the grid in terms of Fibre broadband providers and therefore have had to use Mobile Wifi which leaves the system constrained by the amount of data we can use.

If we offered the Wi-Fi for free we would have no control over how much data is been used which would slow up the service and could leave our office facility without service.

A lot of people visit our site, do not wish to use the Wi-Fi and enjoy the peace and quiet away from these devices, however, we appreciate some people wish to stay connected for work and personal reasons. We aim to provide a fast and efficient Wi-Fi service for a nominal cost.

How much Data will I use?

Here's some information that will help you understand how much data things can use. Knowing how this allowance is used will help you make the most of it.

Things like normal browsing and email only use a small amount of data, others such as watching catch-up TV or videos on YouTube can use significantly more.

Below are some handy figures that give you an idea of how much data certain activities use. The figures are estimated and based on averages, so your actual usage may be a little higher or less.

Hopefully, this will help you get the hang of how your data is used, and make the most of your allowances


Hints & Tips to maximize your Data allowance.

DON'T do software/firmware updates whilst connected to our WiFi.

DON'T Download and update apps when you're connected to our WiFi.

Make sure you close apps properly on your device, so they don't use data in the background.

This will help keep your data allowance for when you're out and about on the Park.

Please note: You cannot connect Gaming systems and Smart TV's to this network as it does not allow any "Router Access" it can only be used as a Wifi Network for your Phone, Tablet or Computer.

If you require support, please TEXT 07520 615097 or or email support@leisureconnect.co.uk