How much does a chalet or static caravan cost?

Our chalet prices range from £59,950 to £199,000 and static caravan prices range from £11,995 to £60,000. 

Factors impacting the price include location, views, amenities available on the development and the size and specification of the plot.

The longer the licence agreement and the amount of time the park is open throughout the year will also affect the price when you purchase a chalet.

At Largo Leisure our parks on the Fife coast and Perthshire Highlands are open for the majority of the year.

What is the length of the agreement? 

When you purchase a chalet or holiday home you will be offered a licence agreement outlining the terms of its use. It works like a lease and the longer the agreement the more likely the chalet will increase in value over time.

Agreements can be anything from 10 years, for a new static caravan holiday home, up to 40 years for a new chalet. Extra years may be purchased at the time of buying a chalet. This will be reflected in the price.

How much will a chalet cost to run?

Our chalets are built to withstand the rigours of the coldest winters and the warmest summers. The floor designs are generally centred around the function of holiday usage, thus they are built as maintenance-free as possible to enable you to enjoy your leisure time. Your costs will include electricity, gas (LPG) and ground rent.

What are site fees? (Ground rent)

Site fees are a payment towards the park maintenance, for example grass cutting, street lighting, water and amenities and staffing. The site fees vary for each park and for different types of unit.

Please ask the park manager for more information. Site fees for a caravan holiday home start at around £2,000 (including vat) per annum.

Can I use the chalet all year round?

Holiday parks are granted a licence from their local authority and this licence dictates the time the chalet or holiday home can be used. Our Largo Leisure parks have different length of seasons, and it's worth speaking to our Holiday Home specialists to find the parks that has the most suitable season length for what you are looking to invest in.

Can other members of the family use the chalet or static caravan?

Your chalet is yours to use as you like as long as you follow the rules that Largo Leisure has provided for the benefit of the chalet and holiday home owners. Family and friends are welcome to stay, however it is recommended that the park is notified for security reasons, so that we can keep an eye on your investment if you entered our rental scheme.

Can I live in my chalet or static caravan permanently?

Chalets and static caravan holiday homes at Largo Leisure Parks may not be used as your sole residence. The park is licensed by the local authority for holiday use only, however there is nothing to prevent you using the chalet to the maximum amount of time allowed. You must have, and be able to provide details, of a main residence off-site.

What is included in the purchase price?

Our luxury chalets are fully furnished, carpeted, have a fitted kitchen with appliances, beds, curtains, lighting, etc. The only items you would normally have to purchase yourself are a television, bedding and cutlery, but we can also arrange these if required. 

What if I wish to re-sell my chalet or caravan?

Your chalet can be sold at anytime in the same way that a house is sold. This is normally through the Largo Leisure Sales Offices on each park, an Estate Agent or via the internet.

The only difference at Largo Leisure Parks is that we are allowed 48 hours from when an offer is accepted to match that offer, in which case the chalet or holiday home would be sold back to the Park.

There is a Code of Practice adopted by the British Holiday and Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) of which we are members and therefore we must comply with this regulation.